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  Blind Beggar Press, Inc. is a non-profit publishing corporation that supports the struggles against racism,   inequality, illiteracy, and poverty using the positive forces of literature, education, and the arts. We believe in   human rights for all, especially those who have been traditionally disenfranchised.

    Goals and Objectives

  In addition to publishing, we offer free workshops for aspiring artists and writers, special multi-media programs   and activities for the general public at little or no cost, and our publications are always affordable (in addition to   the free donations we provide to non-profit organizations). Our staff and Board of directors are all volunteers. We   have no paid administrative staff and hire artists at fair rates for various services. Eighty-five to ninety percent of   what we bring in from sales and special events is used to continue publishing and offering these services.
  In addition we…

  • Provide professional guidance and direction to emerging writers and artists in the areas of publishing, technique, style, copyrighting, and printing;
  • Develop workshops, lectures, demonstrations, technical guidance, and assistance with public relations to writers and artists;
  • Provide vehicles and occasions for writers and artists to present their work in quality publications and performances;
  • Help to accelerate the careers of writers and artists and promote them to the widest possible audiences;
  • Provide an organization where writers and artists can share ideas, visions and develop a support network; and,
  • Produce quality work in publications that speak to the needs, visions, and concerns of all people.