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Featured Publication


35th Anniversary Collector's Edition

8"X10" Journal, 40 poets and writers with 12 pages of photographs and archival material from 1976 to the present. Full color.

112 pps.           $25.00


by Mercy L. Tullis-Bukhari

The poetry of Mercy Tullis screams with raw passion, her poems Are steeped in love and the mystery of being in the world.

56 pps.           $15.99


Tears of Answered Prayer
by Gary Johnson

A thoughtful collection of heartfelt poetry that speaks to love found and lost.

32 pps.           $10.99


New Poems: Cross Da River
by C.D. Grant

This fourth collection of new poetry with an emphasis on the author's southern roots.

44 pps.           $10.99


Good Work for a Season
by Gary Johnston

A series of poems based on the lives of various biblical characters and their relationships to Jesus Christ.

32 pps.           $10.99


Senses & Shadows
by Ted Wilson

Senses & Shadows is the inner vision of Ted Wilson's journey through a landscape laid bare.

28 pps.           $10.99


Thoughts of An Everyday Woman: An unfinished Urban Folktale
by Brenda Connor-Bey

A collection of poetry and prose from this Greenburgh, New York Poet Laureate Emerita and literary award winner.

100 pps.           $15.00


Keeping Time
by C. D. Grant

The first published collection of
poetry by this Blind Begggar Press
co-founder and nationally-published journalist.

48 pps.             $5.00


In The Absence of God
by Layding Lumumba Kaliba

An “Auto-poemographhy”
dedicated to the author’s by
this widely published poet
and performer.

94 pps.   Hardcover    $19.00


Decent Intentions
by Judy Simmons

Judy’s last published
collection of poetry from
this multi-talented poet,
journalist, musician and
talk show host.

60 pps.            $6.00


Images in a Shaded Light
by C.D. Grant

This author’s second poetry
collection which he feels
includes some of his best work.

96 pps.          $6.00


Blue Suite: Voices & Memory
by Gary Johnston

A spoken word collection of
poetry with musical accompaniment
by this co-founder of Blind Beggar
Press and dramatic performer.

Compact Disc        $15.00


Just a Little Love
by C.D. Grant

This author’s third collection
of poetry dedicated to the
memory of his deceased son.

72 pps.                   $12.00