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  New Rain

is an ongoing anthology of poetry, prose and artwork which has been published on a regular basis since 1980. Publication is based on the availability of funds and a sufficient collection of quality material from writers and artists. Each volume has a distinct theme.  Past themes have included love, women’s issues, and dedications to literary heroes and heroines. Volume 7 & 8, a double issue, is a large collection by all women writers dedicated to Audre Lorde; Volume 9 is a collection by all male writers entitled Our Fathers/Ourselves; and, Volume 10, Tribute: A Rainbow of Praises, is our 30th Anniversary issue dedicated to the writer's people who’ve had major influences on the writers. Volume 11, our 35th Anniversary Issue, celebrates the history of Blind Beggar Press with  a juried selection of quality writers and includes archived material and photography from our beginnings to the present.

The New Rain series has allowed both emerging and established artists a forum for expression which might not otherwise have been available.


New Rain Series
New Rain, Volume I

-featuring Kenneth Dias, LaVerne Dowling,
Sandra Maria Esteves Fatisha,
Migdalia Ortiz,
Louis Reyes Rivera,
Gerri Samuels,
C.D.Grant, Gary Johnston and Judy D. Simmons. ($4.00)

New Rain, Volume II

- featuring Darryl Holmes,
Askia Muhammad Toure,
Tri Smith Murry,
Brenda Connor-Bey,
Carmen D. Lucca, Malkia M'Buzi, L.Beverly Hastings,
Sandra Gutierrez, Susan Lee Yung, Lydia E. Sanders,
and Mary du Passage. ($4.00)

New Rain , Volume III

- "Owen Dodson Memorial Issue" featuring Americo Casiano, Jayne Cortez, Rochelle duBois, Bernard V. Finney, Garey D. Frierson, William T. Lawlor, Ronald R.W. Lightbourne, Virgil Logan, Jr., Audre Lorde, Connie Mann, Reginald E. McLaurin, Migdalia Ortiz, Catherine Saunders, and Susan Sheppard. ($4.00)
New Rain, Volume IV

- featuring David Casapit, Mykki Verlyn Culver,
Terri Jewell, Jacqueline Johnson, Darren Scott Johnston, Georgia Kunz, Mayda Lino, LindaMichelleBaron, Tom Mitchelson, Mary du Passage, Juana Maria Paz, Dawad Philip, Renne Roper, Gregory Simms-Macharia, Eddie Torro, Tanya Tyler and Arthur T. Wilson. ($5.00)
New Rain, Volume V

-featuring Bill Keith, Kurt Lamkin, Louis Reyes Rivera, Maria Britton, Lynn Nwuneli, T.S. Wallace, Layding Kaliba, A.H. Reynolds, Simone Bikel Allmond, Veronica Verlyn Culver, Sandra Maria Esteves, Eddie Torro and Otto Rene Castillo (in translation). ($5.00)
New Rain, Volume VI

- "Bo Walker Memorial Issue" featuring Rashida Ismaili Abu Bakr, Leighton Holler, William E. Jones, Hasna Muhhamad, G.F. Haines, Horace Mungin, Jose L. Garza, Carlette Wilson, Michelle Sajous, Marithelma Costa, Lenard D. Moore, El Gilbert and Alexis de Happy. ($7.00)
New Rain, Volume VII/VIII

- "Audre Lorde All Women's Issue" featuring Anassa Jordan, Regina Williams, Kimiko Hahn, Safiya Henderson-Holmes. Marithelma Costa, Patrice Williams, Sandra Maria Esteves, Ruby Dee, Tanya Tyler, Ruth Garnett, Nancy Travis, Gail Patti Jackson, Brenda Connor-Bey, Jacqueline Johnson, Fatisha, Hasna Muhammad, Anita Quintanilla, Anney Hayes Wilson, Gia Gloria Grant, Margaret Porter, Charlotte Watson Sherman, J.E.M. Jones, Luberta Wright, Bevery Joan Hughley, Joanne Hall-Evans, Carol Akua Bebelle, Judith Ann Cohall and Joan E.Kruger. Guest Editor: Judy D. Simmons. ($15.00)
New Rain, Volume IX

- Our Fathers/Ourselves ("The Men's Issue") - Edited by Malkia M'Buzi Moore and Gary Johnston. Introduction by Eugene Redmond. Featuring Louis Reyes Rivera, Harold A. Bowser III, Froilan Kali Ramirez, Joze L. Garza, David Mills, Ihsan Abdul-Rahiim, Damian Grant, Keith Roach, Wesley Brown, Rodney McNeil, T. Obatala, Zizwe Ngafua, Tom Mitchelson, Arthur Flowers, Ted Wilson, Rick Pernod, Amani Na Baraka, Daryll Holmes, Wayne Providence, Ken Thompson, Ron Price, Atiba Wilson, Charles H. Lynch, Jesus Papoleto, Melendez and Layding Kaliba. 166 pps. ($15.00)
New Rain, Volume 10 - Tribute

30th Anniversary Edition

Thirty-four poets celebrate people who have been instrumental in their lives.
128 pps. ($15.00)